Playerunknown’s Battleground is one of the most successful games that deal with Battle Royale sub genre in the world. No wonder, many people believe that it is thanks to PUBG this theme became popular. Considered as one of the precursors of these games, PUBG decided to expand its horizons and conquer the market of not only PC platform or consoles, but also the market of mobile devices. That is why after a while the producers prepared for us PUBG Mobile. How does this game look like? What interesting features it may offer? It all depends from you and your experience but we decided to take a look at several elements and see what exact functions the authors added that will appeal to your taste.

So, without any further ado, let us move on to the description of the game itself. There, you will see what the main features of the game are. In addition to that, you will also learn why so many people search for pubg mobile cheats free. Next, we will review the most important aspects of the game and compare it with the competition to see whether PUBG Mobile is also worth taking into account.

PUBG Mobile – basics regarding the title

Tencent Games together with PUBG Corporation are the producers the original Battle Royale game. These are the same guys, who spent their free time on programming a mod to Arma that, as you can guess, later on became so popular it received its own game. The title appeared on our mobile phones not that long ago. To be honest, there were other games that made use of Battle Royale scheme before PUBG, especially if we take into account only mobile devices. However, once PUBG Mobile was released, a lot of players left other games and returned to the original creators. Why?

There are dozens of different reasons hiding behind it, but certainly the most important ones are a very well-created map, thorough and problem-free gameplay, and of course above than average gameplay as well as mechanics that surprise others. In here, we take the role of one of 100 survivors, who parachute onto the sandbox-like land. Our goal is to survive as long as it is possible by scavenging arena, finding necessary items and then equipping them. In addition to that, we will also have to fight with our enemies. However, to do that, it is necessary to either find the right location or be very quick and very versatile.

There are many different strategies and tactics that one can apply. It is of course all up to you whether you decide on charging towards dozens of enemies. Obviously, you can always run and hide, and wait for others to kill each other and then, when there is only one guy to kill, eliminate him and enjoy victory. Once you finish the match, you receive an in-game currency in the form of coins. Obviously, these coins are very important and they allow you to customize your character and, if you have enough of them, to make your figure one in its kind. This is why most of people search for pubg mobile cheats free from any troubles. They just want to lay their hands on pubg mobile cheat money!

Review of the game

PUBG Mobile is certainly a well programmed and thought through production. It combines the most important elements thanks to which the game grants you an entertainment for many, many hours. Of course we need to bear in mind that as it befits mobile game, the steering is much more simplified than in the case of PC version. If we were to compare the controls to other battle royale games for mobile phones, then we can safely assume that the authors of PUBG Mobile did a very good job, especially if we look at other games. In this case, there are no troubles with understanding the interface or with problematic buttons. Everything is so intuitive, we know how to play the game after several minutes of gameplay.

pubg game play

In case of audio-visual settings, this is yet another reason why PUBG Mobile has got a huge advantage over other websites. In here, we have the opportunity to observe a tremendous world that will surprise us with many details and spectacular surroundings. Graphics is at very high level. Obviously, to make the game working without biggest problems, the producers altered the engine of the game and optimized it for mobile requirements. Unfortunately, the game is prepared mainly for the users with brand new phones, since its basic requirements are quite high.

Yet another reason why people think this game is so amazing is because of numerous unofficial programs that appear day after day. A great example can be any pubg mobile cheat apk that usually has two purposes. First one focuses on generating additional money. Thanks to pubg mobile cheat money, you can hope for access to all the skins, all the unique special effects and other elements. However, there are other reasons for the use of pubg mobile cheat apk. For some people, the game is so demanding, they tend to search for unofficial application to get aimbot or wallhack. These two features usually focus on giving you the chance to see through walls and to aim at enemies much more accurately.